Dr. Daniel Pauly

Fisheries Center

University of British Columbia, Canada

Dr. Pauly visited the UNU/FTP in December 2002 and gave a series of six lectures to the fellows of the UNU/FTP and Icelandic fisheries professionals. The lecture slides and their associated lecture notes can be viewed below (PowerPoint format). Further information on Dr. Pauly's work can be found on his web page.

(The lectures are on a PowerPoint format and will show up as a "slide show". Notes can be viewed by printing the "notes pages"
Notes on the slides can also be viewed by choosing "speaker notes" during the slide show)

"A mechanism for the juvelines-to-adult transition in fishes" pdf
"Geometrical constraints on body size" pdf
"On the interrelationship between natural mortality, growth parameters and mean environmental temperature on 174 fish stocks." pdf
"Simulation on the effects of oxygen on food consumption and growth of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus (L.)" pdf
"The relationships between gill surface area and growth performance in fish: a generalization of von Bertalanffy's theory of growth." pdf
"Tropical fishes: patterns and propensities." pdf
"Why squid, though not fish, may be better understood by pretending they are." pdf