Dr. Grimur Valdimarsson - lectures

Dr. Valdimarsson is well know here in Iceland for his work in the fishing industry and his work as the director for several years of the Icelandic Fisheries Laboratories. For the past seven years he has served as the director of the Fishery Industry Division of FAO. In December 2004 Dr. Valdimarsson gave three lectures to the UNU-FTP fellows and met with individual fellows to discuss and advise on the final projects. The topics of the lectures were:

1) Ecosystem based fisheries management: What does it take? (ppt slides)
The Reykjavik Conference in 2001 on "Responsible Fisheries in the Marine
Ecosystem " requested FAO to produce guidelines on ecosystem approach (EAF) to fisheries management. The lecture discussed the guidelines, various
initiatives aiming at ecosystem approaches to fisheries management and
particularly how the fish industry can comply with such new requirements.

1b) Ecosystem approach to fisheries - some practicalities

2) International Fish Trade - recent developments (ppt).
Fish and fishery products are the most internationally traded foodstuffs in
the world with about 37% (live weight) being sold across national borders. In
value terms over 50% of this trade originates in developing countries and has
thus become a very important source of income for them as well as food. The
lecture discussed the main developments in international fish trade and
the increasing demands placed on fish exporters, such as sanitary
requirements as well as various social and environmental demands.

3) Risk-based food safety approach (ppt slides).
The Sanitary and Phytosanitary Agreement of the World Trade Organization
from 1995 states that standards and regulations to protect the health of
animals, plants and humans must be science based and risk based. In that way the basis is laid against arbitrary standards that are technical barriers to
trade. The lecture discussed developments in establishing risk based
standards and regulations for fish and fishery products.

Dr. Grimur Valdimarsson with the UNU-FTP fellows