Guest Lecturers

A part of the Fisheries Training Programme is a series of 4-5 lectures given by guest lecturers that are invited each year to give lectures in their area of specialization. The guest lecturers are world known in their field and their lectures reflect global issues in fisheries. Published lectures are available through the FTP

Name Year Organization Field of specialty
Prof. Sena S. De Silva 2007 Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific (NACA)

(lecture notes)

Prof. James L. Anderson 2007 University of Rhode Island, USA

Economics and marketing

(More info and lectures)

Prof. Tony J. Pitcher 2006 University of British Columbia-Fisheries Centre

Fisheries Ecosystem Restoration Research:


Dr. Grimur Valdimarsson 2004 FAO Quality management in the fisheries (lecture notes and articles)
Dr. Hans Henrik Huss 2004 FAO/DANIDA Quality and Safety Controle in Fish Processing (new book)
Dr. Felicia Kow 2003 Australian Maritime College Quality Management in Fisheries (lecture notes)
Dr. Daniel Pauly 2002 University of British Columbia; Fisheries Center World fisheries in relation to Ecosystem based management and modeling with ECOPATH with ECOSIM (lecture notes and articles)
Dr. Kenneth Sherman 2002 University of Rhode Island Marine Ecology, Large Marine Ecosystems (web page)
Dr. Porfirion M. Alino 2001 Marine Science Inst. of the University of the Philippines

The Philippene Fisheries (lectures)

Dr. Jeppe Kolding 2000 University of Bergen Fisheries Stock Assessment
Dr. Ross Shotton 1999 FAO, Rome International Fisheries Management (lectures)
Prof. Robert G. Ackman 1998 Canadian Institute of Fisheries Technology, Dalhousie University Organic Chemistry, Fats and Oils of Marine Biota