Short course development

UNU-FTP offers financial and technical support to develop short courses in developing countries. This support is usually provided in cooperation with international organizations such as FAO. Many of the short courses have been part of the FAO - Custom Training Courses (CTC) project.

The main idea is to develop courses in cooperation with local professionals on topics that are of great importance to the fisheries sector. The final product is the course material, translated into the local language, and trained local professionals to teach the course. The course must be housed in a training and/or educational institute and be an integral part of the courses offered by that institute. The UNU-FTP requires that former UNU-FTP fellows take part in the development of the course. When the course has been designed and the teachers trained, then local teachers take over and deliver the course to the target group.

The short courses that have been developed or are currently being developed are:

  1. Title: Vessel stability
    Country: Sri Lanka
    Duration: 3 days. +0.5 day
    Partners: ICEIDA, NIFNE in Sri Lanka