The Introductory Course

The overall objective of the course:
The overall objective of the introductory course is to give you, the participant, a holistic view of fisheries through an overview of world fisheries and aquaculture and an insight into the various disciplines within fisheries and their interrelationship. After completing the course, the fellow should have understood better what is needed for a fisheries sector to develop, be able to put the fisheries sector in the fellow's home country into a regional and international perspective and have an appreciation for its development potential

The introductory course is about five weeks long and is common to all participants. The context of fisheries is emphasized and a large number of companies and institutions are visited to give a broad picture of how the fisheries sector functions and how it responds to changing circumstances. Fellows receive three to four periods of lectures in the mornings and usually a site visit or a practical in the afternoons. Assessment for the various sections varies, from an assignment and presentation to a written examination.

The introductory course is divided into several sections which loosely correspond to the various areas of specialisation that are or will be offered. In addition to that fellows are trained in using newest technology is presenting their issues and guidelines are provided for oral presentations. Rather than having environmental issues and code of conduct for responsible fisheries as a separate part of the course, we emphasise throughout that conservation is an integral part of sustainable fisheries and the development of the fisheries sector.