Photo Gallery

Professor Daniel Pauly, University of British Columbia, with the UNU/FTP fellows 2002

Fellows 2002 from The Gambia, Russia and Cuba

Fellows 2002: Margit from Estonia and Sepalika from Sri Lanka during a fish bioloy assignment

Fellows 2002 during a visit to Snaefellsnes peninsula


Fellows 2002: At a fish market in Olafsvik

Fellows 2002: Visit to Hampidjan, a leading trawl manufacturer

Fellows 2002 at Geysir, a hot spring area

Fellows 2002 from Uganda, Iran, Kenya and The Gambia at Namaskrad, a geothermal site in northern Iceland

Fellows 2002 visiting UA one of the larger fisheries companies in Iceland

Fellows 2001: Osumo from Kenya, Friday from Malawi and Wijay from Sri Lanka discussing world politics

Dr. Alino, a guest lecturer from the Philippines, talking to fellows about the marine ecosysem in the Philippines

Dr. Kenneth Sherman, a guest lecturer from the University of Rhode Island, giving a lecture on Large Marine Ecosystems at the University of Iceland

Fellows 2001 visiting an abalone farm

Fellows 2001 on board the r.v. Drofn

Friday, Jose, Boaz, Nelson and Dai (fellows 2001) playing football for the Marine Research Institute

In the lecture room

Luong from Vietnam studying nets at Hampidjan - net loft

Fellows 2001 looking at a trawl for red fish

Dr. Tomasson, the programme director, teaching fish biology