The Icelandic Health System

Foreigners that visit Iceland and intent to stay more than three months have to go through a health check in order to get a Limited Residence Permit in Iceland. Applicants for the UNU fellowship have to provide a written statement (a special sheet in the application form) from a physician about the state of the applicant's health.

UNU fellows are insured for any illnesses and treatments that may take place during their stay in the UNU/FTP, but the fellows have to cover the initial expenses up to 150 US$ and the programme/insurance will cover the rest of the cost. Chronic deceases and illnesses that fellows have suffered prior to their participation in the UNU/FTP will not be covered by the insurance.

If a fellow suffers from an illness during his/her stay in Iceland and that illness does not affect the progress of the study/training then the fellow has all the rights to complete the training.