Fellows 2008

Fellow Country Line of sp Project
Myong Su Ryu DPR-Korea CM Financial analysis of blue mussels farming operation in Iceland.
Glasgow Blodeh Togba Liberia CM Analysis of profitability of Trawl Fleet Investment in Liberia
Serajul Islam Bangladesh CM Certification and Eco-labelling of Shrimp Aquaculture of Bangladesh: An Analysis on the Basis of Animal Welfare, Food Safety, Environmental Integrity and Social Responsibility.
Alda Maria Jucundo Salia Mozambique CM Economic Analysis of Small Scale Tilapia Aquaculture in Mozambique
Failo Taufa Kongdom of Tonga CM A Model for profitability-An Option for Reform, Recovery and Growth
Kingsley Madalo Thengo Malawi FT Experimental Design of A Mid-water pair Trawl for small pair boats on Lake Malawi.
Roany Martínez Cabrera Cuba FT Selectivity analysis and catch comparison methods on conventional and modified shrimp twin trawl in Cuba.
Makkhen Kheng Cambodia FT Gillnet selectivity calculation and method
Mahadev Rama Kokane India FT Midwater trawl design for the vessel MFV Sagarika
Mathew Ndasi Ngila Kenya QM Environmental study and monitoring of undesirable chemical substances in fish/seafood: A proposal for Lake Victoria, Kenya
Ngo Van Sinh Vietnam QM Quality control in processing and distribution of Frozen Basa catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus)/fillet in Vietnam and compared to similar process in Iceland.
Fanuel Kapute Malawi QM Fish Quality and Processing in Malawi: Challenges to institutional capacity building for its success (A Case of the Aquaculture and Fisheries Science Department, Bunda College of Agriculture, Malawi).
Li Ge China QM Effects of temperature and packaging material on quality and shelf life of fresh cod fillets
Qiancheng Zhao China QM Effect of Saithe protein isolate injection on the quality of Saithe (Pollachius virens) fillets during storage at chilling and frozen conditions.
Won Sik An DPR Korea QM Effective storage conditions on salted herring with cold brine based on domestic demand and current capacity of cold storage in DPR Korea.
Md. Murad Mufty Bangladesh QM Development of Real-Time qPCR methods for detection of Salmonella spp. In Fish and Development of Validation Protocol.
Celina Anibal Malichocho Mozambique QM Effect of different temperatures on growth of Vibrio cholera, total viable, Micro organisms and Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) producing bacteria.
Vida Samantha Osei Ghana SA Evaluation of the sampling scheme for Scomber japonicus in the Inshore fishery in Ghana
Thong Ba Nguyen Vietnam SA Assessment of demersal fishery resources of the Southeast and Southwest waters of Vietnam, based on bottom trawl surveys.
Maria Fiasoso Sapatu Samoa SA An Assessment of Samoa’s monitoring and resources of reef and lagoon associated finfish.
Josephus Choe Junior Mamie Sierra Leone SA Assessment of the stock of shrimp/Pandalus borealis/ (Krøyer 1838), in Skjalfandi-Bay North of Iceland.