Countries and Institutions

The selection criteria used for cooperative countries is:

  • The country has to be considered a developing country. For guidance, the list over develping countries published by the UNDP is used.
  • Fisheries has to play an important part in the country's or the region's economy.
  • The country has to be entering the phase or have entered the phase of an internationalization through expansion of their fisheries and the development of an export orientated fisheries sector,
  • The fisheries policy of the country has to be clear with a strategic plan and a vision for the fishing industry,
  • Fisheries projects should be ongoing, sponsored by donor countries and/or international agencies.
  • Emphasis is on African, sub-Sahara, countries (SADC countries),
  • Establishment of a relationship with key national institutions and organization in fisheries in the cooperative country is of great importance.